Aaaaghhhh!!!! Just do it already!

Ill probably take this down later.

No I will definitely take it down. I’m just acknowledging the crazy. Why and when did we start making fonts light fucking grey!? Did we decide that seeing them was unemportant?? That’s why they make old people blind. Because there’s shit they don’t want to see.

You know when you see a middle aged woman clearly dressed like a snapshot of them in 1996? She isn’t delusional. She just needs glasses.

So I was looking for a model  for my joke and apparently The Juicy chick went to jail in 2014. 

See I’m not that vapid or I’d have known that. God those poor animals.

I would totally look like that if I could afford it.

The DIFFERENCE is I would make fun of myself.


(Awe fuck you spell check. You know we ALL want a lot to be one word…..)


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